Karwachauth for an Army wife


Just like last year, he did not accompany you to get mehndi applied on your hands. He did not sit with you while you ate sargi. You dressed up, wore bangles, put on a bindi, knowing well that he  would not look at you and go starry eyed. When you looked at the moon through the sieve, you only had his picture to look at thereafter.

All this but you hold no grudge that he was not with you on this special day which is all about him. He is where he is needed more. It is not easy being an Army wife. While people feel you are used to being alone, they don’t understand that you never get used  to being away from the one you love the most. You just brave one day at a time, thinking that it is one day closer to the next time you will meet again. But festivals, birthdays and other special occasions….well, they are the most difficult!
When you are wedded to the olive greens, nothing is ‘the usual’. You don’t get to click selfies with your husband on Karwachauth, ask him to pamper you or take you out for a movie or shopping. The day is only about the sentiment- the wish for his well being. While your man braves out adverse conditions at the border, you just pray for his health and safety. You miss him badly but need to understand that his life is harder, being at a place where a festival is just another day. You stay away from social media on such festivals when others upload pictures and some argue over feminism and Krawachauth on twitter. To you, none of these matter.

You don’t care whether Fawad Khan remains in Pakistan or not.

You just hope that those who wish to spread violence and a twisted ideology of freedom do not cross the fences.

You don’t care whether this government was the first to encourage a surgical strike or not.

You are just glad that all the bravehearts who took part returned home safe.

You refuse to comment when people demand a ‘brick for a stone’ and ask for war like it is their constitutional right.

You just pray for the bereaving families of the martyrs and hope they stay strong.

You don’t feel solidarity with people who claim to be patriotic and stand in opposition against movies that involve foreign artists.

You find it disturbing that they don’t stand with their Army and pay respect to the real heroes in real life.

You don’t care about politics, the ruling party or the opposition.

You just wonder why OROP was mutated from a right to an issue.

You don’t go  around commenting on the controversial issues to express your sense of patriotism and nationalism.

You just believe in supporting your man in arms and letting him know that while you may not serve, you are with him, every step of the way.

You don’t know whether the fast you observed yesterday shall keep your husband safe but your faith gives you hope and when you are married in the army, hope is a big thing….it is what keeps you strong and going!

9 thoughts on “Karwachauth for an Army wife

    1. Authors have a gift….u are a step ahead….u have the experience too….very well expressed….crisp and precise….stay blessed….and may you be united forever soon!!

  1. While reading it …a silent pain felt off course for the strong n brave wives on their mind state on karvachauth. At the same time hats off to their belief that their man will anyhow live forever with his eternal soul..
    Thanks doc for writing it up n so beautifully! !

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