5 Reasons why I love travelling with my kid and you should too!


I have often heard parents, especially mothers, fret over an upcoming vacation and the inconvenience of travelling with a kid. Some of them even say that they have not planned any travel since the kids were born for ”it is just too difficult to manage”. So, to all of those mothers, and you too, if you are one such parent, I ask you to stop worrying! If you are not travelling with your child, you are really missing out on an incredible experience.

I love travelling, which you know of course, so does my husband and our daughter too! We are not able to travel together as a family because she loves to travel, instead she loves travel because we have always travelled together as a family and inculcated a love for the same in her. You can too if you want but for that you need to take to the road. Children can be conditioned. Instead of waiting for them to grow up before you all step out, do it now and see the change it brings about. Trust me, they grow up so fast, you will miss out on all the incredible memories you could have created.

Here are a couple more reasons to motivate you to tag your toddler along:

  1. Kids learn a lot more by experiencing than listening. 

It was in olden times that old, aged men sat under a tree and narrated stories of their travels and journeys of youth to eager children gathered around. Your kids belong to the generation of air travel! Broaden their perspective, take them out to see the world and explore and discover new things. Travel teaches a lot of things, way more than the books ever can!

     2.  Travel is the best way to introduce your child to different cultures.

Children know the world as they see it. To make them able to understand the diversity that exists in the world, there isn’t a better way than making them experience it. When you travel, you show your child the ethnic and cultural melange. Let your child taste the different cuisines, let her put on the regional costume and dance to the tunes popular in the place, let her understand that there many ways to living a life and all of them are equally beautiful and enigmatic. It will not only make your child appreciative of other cultures but will arouse a feeling of curiosity about your own too!

3. It develops social skills.

No social skills classes or workshops that are quite in vogue today, can ever compare to real-life teaching. When you travel, you and your child meet new people in new settings and situations. Many-a-times you may come across families with kids the same age as yours on a trip. Talking to and interacting with new people removes hestitation and enhances the social skills of your child who learns to interact outside the usual circle of school and neighbourhood.

  4. Children learn to be comfortable with change.

Staying in the same place, sticking to the same schedule and being surrounded by the same set of people makes children feel comfortable and at ease. Although it is a good thing, it may even make your child wary of change. If you think of changing your kid’s school or your house due to relocation, the child will resist change. It is but natural. A child who travels, understands that places and people may change but as long as the family is together, everything is alright. It makes her believe that home is where the family is and the child does not feel scared of change of any kind. Moreover, travel instills love for adventure.

Ours is an Army family and trust me, relocation every couple of years can be a bummer if your child detests change. Ours loves travelling and for her, every time we move, it is an adventure!

 5. Travel makes for life long memories.

This one needs no explanation but still….here goes! Childhood is a time of fun, free of constraints and need for social conformity. This not only allows your child to have unadulterated fun but also lets you put your hair down and do silly things with your kid with the excuse that you are engaging your child.

Moreover, children have a different way of looking at things. You never know, they might discover something you never bothered about or teach you a few things our grown-up minds tend to unlearn over the years!

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip with your kid and experience the world with her!

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