Why you must visit Bali



Bali…a name you see flashing on facebook profiles accompanied by photographs of beaches, parks and sumptuous dishes and you wonder, should I go too or is it just another over-hyped destination?

If Bali isn’t on your bucket list. it ought to be and if it already is, time to visit and strike it off soon because there are more than one reasons to plan a trip to the beautiful beaches of Bali.

#1- Go to Bali if you love soaking up the sun

Beaches are my personal favourite when it comes to holiday destinations. If you love soaking up the sun on a pictureque beach or lapping up the water at the shore, you can’t give Bali a miss. The island abounds in scenic beaches and natural beauty, the kind that confuses you whether to capture it in your camera or your heart.



#2-Go to Bali for indulging in luxury that is incredibly affordable 

Luxury and affordability hardly go hand in hand but that is not the case in Bali. There are numerous private pool villas available on rent. Quite a few resorts offer villas with a view/pool and yoga and spa sessions during your stay. None of them burn a hole in your pocket as well; sweet, isn’t it? Time to pamper yourself!



#3- Go to Bali for the delectable food

Bali is a foodie-heaven. If food talks to you and you experience food not only with the sense of taste but visual and olfactory senses too, you will be in for a culinary delight in Bali. Balinese food, whether you eat at a restaurant or a street-side joint, is a unique blend of colours, textures and flavours. Sate (marinated skewered meat), Betutu (stuffed chicken wrapped in banana leaves), Lawar (meat cooked with vegetables, coconut and various spices) are the typical favourites while seafood is quite popular too.



#4- Go to Bali to experince its rich culture

Bali has a rich culture to boast of. The museums in Bali showcase the artworks of its artists of yesteryears and paleolithic artefacts of the forgotten times. There are many choices if you are a history buff.


A statue located at an intersection near the International airport depicts a scene of the Mahabharta and transports you back to the time of the great war.


The statue depicts the face-off between Ghatotkach and Karan in the epic battle. Ghatotkach was responsible for the air defence of his side of the army (Pandavas) and is believed to similarly guard the skies and travellers in Bali as well.


#5- Go to Bali just for fun

You don’t really need too many reasons to visit Bali. It is a quaint, mesmerising place which offers a lot of opportunities to just lay back and relax or let your hair down and have crazy fun. The island has various amusement parks, rides, animal parks/sanctuaries, bars and night clubs.

Taste fruit-based cocktails served up in innovative ways by exclusive bars like Rock Bar or simply sip on coconut water by the beach; your choice!


Bali has something for everyone, no matter what the age. It is therefore a destination for a vacation with your partner or even the entire family if you wish.


Do you still need reasons to visit Bali?

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