Andamans- A perfect vacation!


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The best vacation I have had so far is the one I spent in the Andamans. It would have been the perfect one had I not lost the photographs of the trip. Incredible you say? Well, it is true! Over-enthusiastic about the trip, my husband and I wanted to carry a ”good” high tech camera along, so borrowed it from a friend. No, we did not lose it (thankfully!) but forgot to take a back-up of the photographs before handing the camera back. Who does that, right?

Because of that, and of course the fact that Andamans is an incredibly beautiful place, I want to revisit it.

Way back, it was difficult booking the tickets and I remember going to an agent for the same. Now, with online sites, it is super simple! I would book the tickets of Air India Airlines  for some time in the winters when the weather is pleasant in the islands. Air India Web check-in saves time and makes travel all the more easy. A flight from New Delhi with a stop at Kolkata, or maybe Chennai this time, and I would land at Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair. Taxis abound in the city and finding one is very convenient. This time, I would take up a great online deal unlike the last time when I literally paid through the nose for accommodation.  A stay at Fortune Resort Bay Island would be oh-so-wonderful!

A lot of people like to enroll for guided tours but I am a wanderer. I believe in exploring places on my own, without the pressure of a tour guide breathing down my neck all the time, nudging me to hurry as I am enjoying the beauty of my environs. Moreover, since I have been there once, I think I can manage without a tour guide.

The beauty of Andamans lies in its versatility. It has beaches, museums, and even places of historical and cultural significance, so there is something on the plate for everyone.

If you are planning to visit Andamans, do remember to have time on your hands. It is not the place you can see in a couple of days. I would suggest a week! My itinerary for this ideal vacation would be something like this:

Day 1: Explore the places in and around Port Blair like Kala pani/Cellular Jail and visit Ross Island.

Day 2: Visit the spectacular Havelock Islands and stay there for the day in tents by the beach. (Might even try scuba diving while I am there!)

Day 3: Back to Port Blair. I would relax for the day and visit Chidiyatapu in the evening for a view of the sunset. (I need pictures, remember?)

Day 4: Travel to Diglipur via road. The 300 km-route passes through the native Jharwa tribes which I missed seeing the last time.

Day 5: Stay in Diglipur.

Day 6: Back to Port Blair. Visit the museums in the evening.

Day 7:Back to home.

I hope my dream vacation comes true very soon and the next post I write on Andamans carries pictures taken by my camera too!

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