Welcoming my old self to the voice of the future-#BoseQC35

Dear Teen-me,

If you are done with the eye-roll at the prospect of reading a letter from your future self, let me assure you, you will be amazed to hear what I have to say! The future is incredible! While it might not sound real to you right now with your mind being crowded with the Pythagoras theorem and the Ohm’s acoustic law, you eventually will experience the wonders of science sooner than you can expect!

Just for a moment imagine being able to carry a wire free phone with you everywhere, everytime? Now imagine the phone turning into a device that is a calculator, alarm, internet explorer and a video-call maker, all in one? (No, no, you did not become crazy in the future, hold that thought!) Now just stretch your imagination a little further and conjure up an image in your mind of another device that syncs with the phone and does everything for you, like a personal assistant at your beck and call….all you have to do is ask for what you want done! All this that sounds like a scene out of one of your favourite sci-fi movies is nothing but the truth of the future!!

I know you are not much of a planner, but if there is one thing you need to be ready to keep abreast with the techno world coming your way, it is Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II! This is why:

The luxury of being handsfree with Bose!

You probably don’t even think that being handsfree is a thing right now because you are naturally handsfree. Within a decade or so, you will see your generation of millenials(as they will soon be called) hooked on to mobile phones, leaving their hands free for no other task. Why the addiction? I really can’t explain. Unfortunately, you will have to fight this one on your own. You will! BoseQC 35 headphones II are just the solution I was looking for. They give me the freedom to use my mobile, manage my tasks and get answers to my queries…even without having to glance at my mobile, leave alone hold it in my hand. My hands finally know freedom once again and I am able to utilise them for better things- like writing this letter to you!

The future is loud; Bose cuts out the noise!

The voice of the future is not only bold and melodius but is laced with a lot of unwanted noise too. Do not curse the crow that caws on the wall of the house everyday- you won’t be able to hear the sounds of any birds very soon as they will all drown in the din of traffic and the sound of life passing by at an incredibly fast pace. I don’t hear the sound of silence anymore but BoseQC 35 headphones II have an inbuiltĀ  Acoustic Noice Cancelling technology which fades away the background noise and lets me enjoy listening to Bryan Adams just as ever! Yes, Bryan Adams is one love you are never going to outgrow!

What’s more is that Volume Optimised EQ feature provides consistence in voice quality irrespective of the fact you are sitting in a quiet room or waiting at a noisy metro station.

No more sticky notes-trust Google assistant!

Your life right now is covered with frustrating sticky notes and diary reminders that you fail to look at. I can’t tell you that you will change in the future and remember things because you won’t but technology is going to be your best friend in this regard. Not only has the mobile phone helped me set reminders and alarms to do various things, Google Assistant in BoseQC 35 headphones do all this for me in response to a voice command. It is like having a Man Friday with you at all times, without actually having one hovering around. So trust them when they say-Things do get better with time, just not the way we think!

Built to last- a great travel companion!

Spoiler alert- you are after all, going to travel a lot…just like you have always wanted to! Yes, some dreams do come true. Music is your favourite companion and it looks like someone at Bose got the whiff of it because these headphones not only sound good or look aesthetically beautiful, they have been built to last. Made up of impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant material, these headphones are surely going to be my constant companion in all my sojourns. Unlike the times you are in now, being sturdy does not mean being not being luxurious. Wrapped in Alcantara– the covering material used in yachtes and luxury automobiles, these headphones can be worn day in and day out like second skin.

Piece of advice

The technology-driven future sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? It does have some downsides to it as well. It would be unfair on my part to not mention that. Every gift must be enjoyed responsibly but we generally tend to forget that. While technology will bring you closer to people you are far away from, it will come with the risk of driving you away from those very close to you. Do not forget to understand and value them! A cold device can never replace the warmth of another hand in your hand.

The future will come with its share of problems and troubles but every problem will also have a solution. Do not fret over little things, life has a lot to offer. Do not lose hope and await the future with hope in your heart!

(P.S. I know you can’t imagine yourself giving advice to anyone, not even your past self but once you cross 30, trust me, it will become a compulsive habit and I don’t think it is a bad one!)

Anyways, have fun and study well while I enjoy ‘Everything I do’ on my stunning Bose Quiet Comfort headphones II. Time for some uninterrupted ‘me’ time!!! I have, after all, worked very hard in the past to reach where I am. *wink wink*


(A little) Wiser-me.

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