Everest base camp trek- 6 things you must know


Those who love trekking want to trek to Everest base camp at least once and why not? It is one of the ten best treks in the world! Mount Everest is synonymous with the ultimate test of grit, determination and the resilience of human mind and spirit. Though scaling the mountain is not everyone’s cup of tea, trekking to the base camp nowadays has become quite doable for many people and gives a sense of immense accomplishment.

The difficulty level of this trek is high but if you are fit and a regular trekker, you can accomplish the trek. Here are the 10 things you must know before you plan to undertake the trek:

1. When to trek

The best time to undertake the trek is between March to May or alternatively from September to December. It may get quite hot or rain towards the end of May while you need to be ready to face sub-zero temperatures in December. The weather during the other mentioned months is much better.

2.  What to pack

Pack light! This one is a no-brainer. Although you can hire a porter to carry your stuff, he is human too and you are trekking, for goodness’ sake. Must-have essentials like

  • medicines (for diaarhea, bandages, pain killers).
  • weather appropriate clothing.
  • water purification tablets.
  • trekking shoes and sandals.
  • sunscreen.

3. Hire a guide

Do not be over-enthusiastic and think of trekking alone. It is advisable to hire a guide or a porter who can not only help you with the load but also give you company along the way, telling you more not only about the trek but the local culture as well. Not a bad idea, eh? Do make sure that whoever you hire is registered with the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal.

4. How to avoid Altitude Mountain Sickness(AMS)

AMS is a real threat but you can avoid it by:

  • not smoking.
  • staying hydrated.
  • taking it slow and not overexerting yourself.
  •   not ignoring the initial signs of AMS- headache, breathlessness and feeling dizzy.
  • Carry Diamox and take it if you feel a headache coming.

5. Level of fitness needed

You don’t need to be a fitness enthusiast to be able to undertake this trek but you do need an above average fitness level and a strong cardiac health. If you are regular in physical activity and suffer from no cardiac or lung ailment, you can plan this trek. Still, it is advisable to start walking long stretches some time before you plan to go trekking so that your body gets acclimatized. Also, know you limits and plan your itinerary accordingly.

6.  Little but very helpful tips

  • Things are cheaper in Kathmandu than further along the trek.
  • Carrying a local sim gives you better connectivity.
  • Walking sticks are a real help if you are not a regular trekker.
  • Carry extra battery for your camera as charging may not be available everywhere.
  • Slow down. Remember, you are trekking! Enjoy the breathtaking views!!
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