5 Tips on eating right during travel


When you are planning a road trip to any destination, you have all the packing in order and all the lists checked. The hotel is booked, the car serviced and fuelled. Your DSLR lies ready and you are brimming with excitement. Now you just have one thing left to worry about- whether to pack home-made food for the journey, considering you have a child along or whether to give in to the convenience of buying packaged items like biscuits and chips and stopping on the way for meals. It is an important choice for what you eat during travel matters a lot. An upset stomach can hamper your vacation way more than an upset mood. Here are a few tips to ensure your family and you don’t gorge on junk food alone while on the road:

  • Avoid the roadside vendors

No matter how appetising or tempting the food on the rehri by the side of the road looks, curb that temptation! You may have an incredibly strong digestive system and love gorging on street food back home but the combination of travel, fatigue, changing temperatures and unhygienic food can wreck havoc on the strongest of tummies.

  • Fruits are the healthiest choice!

The only thing you can actually buy from roadside vendors without worrying are fruits. Carry seasonal fruits with you or buy them on your way. Just ensure that you wash them properly before eating and NEVER ever buy cut fruits. The best fruit that is travel-friendly and high in nutrition is banana. It comes pre-wrapped, needs no washing, is easy to eat and digest.

  • Chocolates for a quick boost!

No, really! Chocolates are the instant energy bars that can help crave the hunger pangs and even lift your mood simultaneously. Not a meal choice of course but they make yum snacks which your kid will also thank you for.

  • Granola bars are the healthier alternative to chocolates

If you are not fond of chocolates or do not like to indulge your child with them, opt for granola bars. They are healthier and have a greater satiety value.

  • Bake a cake!

This is my personal favourite carry-along snack while travelling. I bake a cake or two a day before and pack them in airtight containers. They are not messy, are easy to eat while travelling and don’t spoil easily. But yes, when I say cake, it is not the one that has icing on top!

Hope these simple tips help you eat healthy and stay healthy on your journeys to new places and destination for wars are never won on empty stomachs and vacations are never enjoyed on upset ones. Happy travels!!


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