8 things you can blame on your kids and get away with!

mobile pics samsung 127Parents, especially mothers, are often blamed for everything the kid does! It even gets irritating at times and you feel like shouting that you can’t really be held responsible for every action. The kids of today have their own minds and parenting itself is a tough task, we don’t need people judging us all the time and making us feel guilty. That said, have you ever tried to blame your kid for something you did or used your children as an excuse to get out of tricky situations? I have and I am sure you must have too! Well, parenting should have a few perks too, don’t you think? 😉

I am sure you must have done at least one or more, or maybe all of the following.

Have you ever blamed your kid:

  1. when you lost a parking ticket and did not want to pay the fine?

”Umm, she was playing with it and just tore it up without a warning.” You say and show a tiny piece of paper to the guard at the booth and he falls for your exasperated face and your gurgling infant, little realising that you just tore it off the parking ticket of another mall.

2. when you get late to work?

”I could hardly sleep at night. She was up all night, wanting to play.” Just say it real slowly and skip the eyeliner for that tired look. Who will know that your baby slept at 8 pm and you decided to watch your favourite movie for the ‘n’th time?

3. when you need leave from work?

The finals are on between India and Pakistan and your weird boss who dislikes cricket is not going to sign your leave application. Have you ever, in such a situation, called from home and said ,” Baby seems a bit under the weather sir and the nanny has taken an uninformed leave”?

4. when you want to avoid a stupid party?

That relative or colleague you detest is throwing a party and is adamant on having you over. You know that no excuse is going to be good enough for the clingy person except maybe, ”Oh, I am so sorry. I totally forgot. I am hosting a play date the same night.” Can’t beat that, eh?

5. when you need to use the loo?

The car has been on the road since a couple of hours but the over-enthusiastic friends you are travelling with don’t seem to want to take a break and your bladder is threatening to burst. You can tell them that you need to go but it might be met with ”’Just a few more kilometres.” On the other hand, if you say ”My kid needs to go, like right now!” rest assured that the car shall halt at the nearest petrol pump.

6. when you drop something in a shop? 

Shopkeepers always eye people with kids with suspicion for they are very skeptical of the tiny toddlers who can hardly balance themselves but shall insist on holding every breakable item in the shop. Some even have the audacity to follow you closely just to ensure that your kid is behaving. You keep telling your kid not to touch anything even while you pick up a beautiful crystal bowl that would look fabulous on your table. You fail to notice when its cover slips and shatters on the ground. You have to pay for it, no doubt, but you do avoid the ugly sneer when you blame the kid and say, ”Kids, you know. I am sorry!”

7. when you finish all the ice-cream?

When guests come over unannounced and your husband asks you to get the ice-cream he got the previous evening for dessert, you find it uncomfortable to tell him in front of company that you wiped it clean while watching ‘Desperate Housewives’ last night. So you just smile and say, ”I think the kids got their hands on to it.” No one can blame a child for eating ice-cream!

8. when you want ‘that’ toy!

You have always love a particular video game but never could spend the bucks on it and risk being called immature. Once you are a parent, you can always blame the child for incessantly asking for it and get the game with an excuse that video games help in developing motor skills and reflexes in children. Who actually plays it at the end of the day, is another matter!

I know, I know…most of you must have said ‘I never blame my kid’ when I asked the question in the beginning but are now smiling and nodding your heads. It is okay, we all do it sometimes. Ideally, you never should use your kids as an excuse, I know that, but we are not living in an ideal world.

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