5 innovative ways to use your travel photos!


‘’Trips become memories….

Memories become treasures!’’

The memories you make on the move are the most cherished ones and there isn’t a better way to preserve them than turning them into photographs. Although smartphones and gadgets have digitalised the world pf photography to a large extent, images in print not only create treasure books called photo albums for you to cherish forever but can also be used to customise a personalised gift for your loved ones. A decade ago, I lost all my honeymoon photos due to a software error (Yes, I don’t have a single photograph of my honeymoon. I bet you remember reading that) and since then, I don’t rely on soft copies alone. This bitter experience led to the discovery of some very innovative ways to use and preserve my travel photos. Sharing my favourite ones with you today:

  1. Blend a scrapbook and an album together!

When you visit a remarkable place, you feel you will never be able to forget the sights. While you might remember what the experience felt like, in all probability you will forget the name of the exquisite drink you loved so much in a just a couple of months. Documenting is a great way of remembering but instead of using a scrapbook to chronicle your travel memoirs, use a photo album and turn it into a scrapbook! On one page, you can paste the photos of the place and even the tickets you used to reach that place. Add to it a brief note or doodle about what you loved the most there and voila, your travel journal is ready! You can go back to it anytime you want to revisit your memories.

  1. Stick it up-on your fridge!
A photo of us at ”Shrek’s Adventure” in London adorns our fridge door

Instead of buying fridge magnets as souvenirs from countries you visit, use your own travel photos and get them converted into fridge magnets. Your fridge will act as a mini canvas to display your travel journeys. You can even gift some of these for your friends. Saves you the expense and bother of looking for souvenirs in foreign land!

  1. Get your own wall posters

If you are a great photographer, it is an added advantage but even if you are not, you must have noticed that sometimes you end up capturing such a breathtaking scene that you find it incredible yourself! Get such photos blown up into posters that can adorn your walls. Not only will you feel nostalgic every time you see the poster but you will also enjoy the appreciation and compliments when your guests visit! Alternatively, you can compile your images and get a wallpaper created out of them and put it up in your living room.

If you don’t want to actually put them up on your walls, you can use the images as wallpapers on your laptop, work desktop or smartphone.

  1. Use the images for your blog
Some travel memories!

I just had to add this one. If you are a blogger like me, trust me, using your own images is way better and less cumbersome than looking for free images and fretting about copyright issues. Click images of anything and everything that captures your attention. You never know the picture of the umbrella you inadvertently clicked on your last trip might help you with the next article you want to write on travel tips during the monsoon season.

If you are not a blogger, the images can still make for some envy inspiring cover photos on social media.

  1. Use photos for customising gifts

Photo-print cushions and mugs may be old fashioned but there still are so many ways you can use photographs to customise gifts for loved ones. Dive into your school time albums, dish out silly photos of your gang and get them printed on a deck of cards. Gift it to the naughtiest of your friends and see the smile on his face! Get an image of you clinking glasses with your spouse and get a personalised bottle label made for the champagne you intend to open on your anniversary! Children love stickers. Imagine the surprise on their faces when they are gifted stickers with their pictures on them!

Photographs are magical and have an uncanny ability to bring a lot of smiles. With innovative ideas like photojaanic.com, you have the option to not only store your pictures but also bring them to life around you! Keep travelling, keep clicking! The tans will fade, the memories won’t!

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