Caring for your child’s health-5 things to know before buying a water purifier

water puriCome rains and ironically, the incidence of water-borne diseases peaks. 73 million work days are lost every year to diarrhoea. A staggering figure, don’t you feel? In the midst of such shocking figures, we, mothers are left with stress on our minds as to how to ensure healthy and safe water for our children. Thankfully, there are ample choices of water purifiers available in the market. Then why worry, you ask? Because the choices are confusing. So how to choose the best water purifier for home and office/school?

Here are a few things you must keep in mind before venturing online to buy a water purifier:

  1. Know the kind of purifier you need

This depends on the kind pf water supply your house is getting. If the TDS is high, RO purifier would work best. If the TDS is low, gravity based or UV water purifier will be the best.

  1. Storage capacity

Every water purifier has a different storage capacity. You must know what capacity you need according to the requirement of your household. The size of purifier shall also vary according to its storage and it must not be too bulky to fit into the designated area of your kitchen. Choose wisely!

  1. The electricity supply of your area

If your area has a continuous supply of electricity, you can go ahead and select an electric water purifier whereas if your area suffers erratic supply of electricity, it would be better to choose one that has a larger storage capacity or opt for a non-electric one.

  1. After sales service

Once you buy a water purifier, its maintenance is just as important. The purifier need regular servicing and change of filter/candle. The purifier may even suffer a technical snag and therefore, good after sales service is just as important. The water purifier of the brand which offers a good after sales service is undoubtedly the best water purifier.

  1. Location of water purifier matters

Location of a water purifier is important as it needs to be placed in close vicinity to the source of water and an electrical point to function. Ideally, the distance of the purifier from the water supply/electrical point should not be more than 3 feet. The water purifier also needs to kept away from direct sunlight. Keep this factors in mind before buying water purifiers online.

Choose a reliable brand like Livpure that offers the best water purifiers in India and helps you make an informed choice regarding the kind and type of purifier that suits your needs. A good water purifier is your best bet at ensuring safe drinking water to your children and keeping water borne diseases at bay!


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