Rokeby Manor, Landour- A heritage home in the mountains!

Rokeby Manor, Landour

A sleepy small cantonment town near the bustling Mussourie, Landour is all about fresh air and nature’s beauty at its best! Nestled within these mountains is a 19th century heritage home now converted into an estate hotel- Rokeby Manor!

Brick arches, stone walls, wooden floors and fireplaces that are as old as 175 years….that is Rokeby Manor. Add to it the picturesque views of the rising mountains, oaks, cedars and Doon valley and you cannot find a better place to reconnect with nature.

The rooms

There is no monotonous similarity between the rooms at Rokeby. Every room and suite has a character of its own and there is a wide variety to choose from. The English style architecture reflects in all rooms and lends an old world charm to the place. One can choose rooms facing the valley for a picturesque window view or book a suite with private balcony for a luxurious stay. We stayed at the Valley view room but the next time I go, I am definitely staying in the log cabin suite.

Everything is very tastefully designed inside the room, even the bedding and decor. You cannot miss patchwork quilts and splashes of colour on certain walls that stand out and give the place a lively look.

Dining at Emily’s

The restaurant at Rokeby Manor is worth individual mention. Perched on the first floor of Rokeby, the diner exudes warmth and offers delectable Indian and Continental cuisine. A unique dish we tasted was Naanza- pizza on a naan. Lip smacking delicious! The interiors have been very tastefully decorated with cutlery and witty quotes which make for very interesting backdrops for your pictures. The balcony is a great place to enjoy your food while enjoying the superb view of the mountains but there is a small hitch. Don’t be surprised to see a sign saying- ”If you see a monkey, use this” besides a round stick hanging from a nail in the balcony. As soon as your order arrives, so do these cheeky primates and trust me, you can’t help but use the stick to scare them away.

The Garden

Another notable feature of Rokeby is the garden known as ”The Tea Garden”. It gave us a feel of the garden in Alice in Wonderland. Pebbled pathways, potted plants hanging on the walls and an unmatched view of the mountains and the valley lend an air of charm to the garden. Just the place to sit and sip your cup of tea in sunlight on a winter day.

The living room

My favourite place at Rokeby ┬áis the living room with a fireplace and an enviable stack of books of all genres. The warm and cozy place makes you long for a similar one in your own home. It is straight out of the movies- rock walls and a pile of logs near the fireplace(just for show though, you can’t actually burn the logs in it)

There is magic in the mountains…I staunchly believe in this. It cannot just be a coincidence that so many poets and authors choose hill stations for settling. Landour is home to the legend-Ruskin Bond and a night in Rokeby will surely evoke the artist in you too.

Stay atleast for a night at Rokeby if you are visiting Mussourie. Beauty of hills can be appreciated more away from the din of crowds and traffic.

Happy travels!

P.s. We have no affinity with Rokeby Manor and this is an honest opinion, not a paid review!

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