Kasauli-the perfect summer getaway! Sightseeing and tourist attractions.

Himachal is the land of majestic mountains and spectacular landscapes. A colonial hill station situated at a height of 1900 metres above sea level, Kasauli is the perfect summer destination for travellers like me who shy away from overcrowded hill stations like Shimla. Barely 60 kms from Chandigarh, Kasauli is an enchanting little town which still retains the colonial fervour and a laid back charm. Mountains never fail to mesmerise me and that is exactly what a weekend in Kasauli did to me- awed me and left me wanting to return soon!

A great retreat

For the people who reside in plains, there can be no better place to get a relief from the sweltering summers than the mountains. The weather in Kasauli stays comfortable in summers with cool nights and warm days with the mercury hardly crossing 24 degree mark. As for me, it was also a place to unwind and relax and get my writing mojo back. I sat on a swing in the lovely sun(yes, even in May) and a soft breeze with a book in my hands, raising my eyes from time to time to look at the valley that lay beyond. Yes, that’s me in the picture!

Don’t think that a tranquil peace is all there is to this place. There are a lot of places to see and many activities to indulge in if you want. The place something to every kind of traveller!

Sights to see

Sunset point– A common feature of many a hill stations is a vantage point from where the sunset is beautiful to look at. Just a kilometre from the city centre, this is a much frequented spot. From it leads another path, popularly known as the ‘Lover’s lane’- just a long winding road you can leisurely walk upon and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the terrain.

Monkey point– Also known as Manki in Kasauli, this is the highest point of the hill station. A temple of Lord Hanuman is situated here and legend has it that the great Hanuman set his foot at the very spot on his return from Himalyas while carrying the Sanjeevani Paravat. Incredibly, the top of the mountain is shaped in the form of a footprint. Just like every other hill station, you see a lot of monkeys greedily eyeing the eatable in your hands. This one refused to pose for a click!

The Mall– A small stretch of shops and small eateries remind you that ”appearances can be deceptive”. There are lot of shopping options available at good bargains and the small eateries serve lip-smacking authentic Tibetan momos and thupkas.

Kasauli Club-A prestigious club established in the 19th century still stands proud and tall on the Upper Mall and stands out in its architecture and ambience. The club has an exclusive ‘member only’ policy and its membership, I heard, is quite sought after but very difficult to earn.

Adventure activities

Kasauli, by virtue of its topography, offers a variety of activities for the adventure lovers.

Trekking & nature walks– A trek of 9kms from Kasauli to Jabli is a very popular one but for those who wish to take things leisurely, there are ample nature walk trails that offer an awe-inspiring view of the hills.

Paragliding & camping– Approximately 12 kms from Kasauli is Dagshai, a cantonment town which is nowadays popular for the adventure camps it hosts.

Whatever it is that entices you, make it the reason to go to Kasauli!

As they say,

Chasing angels or fleeing demons….

Go to the mountains!!

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