Monetize your blog through influencer marketing platforms-I did!

Although it sounds simple, blogging is a difficult job. Writing in itself is a task that demands a lot of dedication and hard work. Untangling those intertwined threads of thoughts and spinning them into words that not only justify the thoughts but also appeal to the readers requires a lot of efforts. Add to it the management of the technicalities of a blog, and you understand that blogging is not a walk in the park. On top of it, if you want your blog to earn you some money as well, you are in for way more drudgery and resilience.

My first ‘paid’ assignment

When I started writing, it was only because I loved writing. As I transported my words from my diary onto my blog, I realised that blogging is a world in itself. The audience is unlimited; therefore, the acknowledgement is quick and feedback ample. Thus, despite the efforts involved, blogging felt rewarding, and appreciation was evident by the comments and increasing numbers of followers of the blog. I was quite happy and getting my own domain just felt like the rational next step. Managing one’s own domain is neither cheap nor easy. As I worked through it step by step, I got e-mails from an employee of a renowned brand to write a paid post for the brand. I happily complied, but as soon as I posted the article on my site, that employee vanished into thin air, not replying to my e-mails or responding to my calls.  It took some time to sink in, but I finally realised that I had been conveniently fooled. I decided to only stick to what I knew best- writing! Collaborations just did not seem worth the wasted efforts and time.

My foray into influencer marketing

It was then that I got introduced to, an influencer marketing platform that connects brands and influencers, by a blogger friend of mine. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’, I was sceptical, but a little nudge from my friend and a visit to the website assured me of the fact that the platform is a reliable mediator that would make it next to impossible for an agent or brand to fool me. I registered on the platform and took it slow. I studied the campaigns and applied only for a very few that appealed to me. The replies were prompt and once I submitted the blog posts, the payments prompter. Viola, I had finally discovered the best and most reliable way to monetise my influence! Since then, I have applied to and worked with a lot of big brands and the entire process has been hassle free and transparent.

Bloggers are creative people and hardly want to get into the troubles of quoting, negotiating and sending reminders for payments. They should not have to too, and seems to understand that. It gives me the freedom to go through campaign details and choose the one that suits my blog’s niche. Once the brand approves of my application, all I need to concentrate on is writing. The platform takes care of the rest. Doing what you love is a reward in itself, but if it also brings along monetary benefits, well, that’s what you call the icing on the cake!


My successful association with this platform encouraged me to try other influencer marketing platforms too, but no two platforms are similar. The way they deal, the terms and conditions, the payment, timelines, everything vary. Out of the ones I have tried, still remains my favourite for very simple reasons:

  1. The sign-up is extremely simple and increases your blog’s visibility (good for your blog stats too!).
  2. The interface is user-friendly, and campaign details are readily available.
  3. It gives you the option to enter the quote you want to work on instead of the brand quoting its price.
  4. There are no deductions on the price agreed upon and no hidden charges.
  5. The payments are timely (a big issue with many others).
  6. The platform collaborates with big brands, the association with which is mutually beneficial.
  7. The team is very approachable, dynamic and ready to offer solutions.

For new as well as established bloggers, it is a excellent way to increase their blog visibility and monetise their influence. Although, there is one golden rule to joining any influencer marketing platform, a rule that is the basic principle of blogging-

‘’Stay true to your audience!’’

The content that your write on your blog should aim at your audience, therefore it is pertinent to choose only the campaigns that belong to the blog’s niche and write content that not only helps the brand but also offers something of value to your audience!


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