What a mom wants-on Mother’s Day!

motherThe trend of celebrating Mother’s Day is increasing with each passing day and the markets are flooded with fancy gifts and cards to express your gratitude towards mothers. No doubt she would be happy and thank you(she will do it even if you just wish her) but if you really want to acknowledge the superwoman she is, think differently- think like her! As a mom, I can. So here’s a list of what would make us moms feel awesome this Mother’s Day. I just wish my daughter was old enough to read my blog and understand!! But a girl can dream, right?

  1. ”Mom is always right” T-shirt

A very fulfilling gift, this one. If you wear it yourself the whole day, it would be all the more satisfying!

2. Say the magic words- ”Leave it mom, I will do it”

Instead of shouting out your lungs to call your mother the instant you can’t find something(which by the way is always right in front of your eyes), try to take the load off her shoulders for one day, just one. She might still end up having auditory hallucinations, unable to believe the silence, but that can’t be helped.

3.  Role reversal

If your working around the house will bring a smile to your mother’s face, your dad cooking the dinner will make her ecstatic! Ask dad to do what mum does, even if only on Mother’s Day! Just a bit of cleaning, cooking, washing and taking care of kids, it ain’t rocket science, no?

4. An undisturbed trip to the loo

This is one of my personal favourites. I can never answer nature’s call without having to answer my kiddo ten times during the process. A day when no one shouts out ‘Mom’ while I stand under the shower and finally use the ‘exotic’ bath gels I have accumulated over years but never used…dream come true!

Try that …your mother will love it!

5. Rephrase-”I don’t want to sleep”

Every time you don’t want something, you shove towards your mother  and say,”I don’t want it, you take it.”

For once, try saying, ”I don’t want to sleep, you sleep.”

Sleep is a luxury for every mother. Treat her to a day in bed. Let her lie in the bed and simply laze away. Trust me, she won’t know what to do with her time, she is so used to running around all day! Hand her the remote and serve her food in bed. She will start crying with joy!

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