Take this test to know if you are ready to be a mother


Since I am a mommy blogger who loves to write articles on my experiences as a mother (which people mistake as articles from a very experienced mom), some mothers come to me for advice, in person and through this blog and social media. I put on my best smile and try to sound like an expert but when someone asks me the question ‘How do you know you are ready to be a mother?’, it is hard to answer it. So I decided to write about it and put it on my blog.

Parenting is a roller-coaster; it scares you, thrills you, fills you with joy and fear at the same time….nevertheless, you love the ride! I feel that if you can say yes to all the following questions, you can be very sure that you are absolutely ready to welcome your little bundle of joy into this world.

Q1- Can you walk around with a sack of rice tied your waist 24×7 for nine months and do all your chores while fighting off nausea, backache, unpredictable mood swings and food cravings?

Q2- Can you give up sleep, only for the next couple of years or so?

Q3- Are you brave enough to not be repulsed by a constant cycle of pee, poo and throw ups?

Q4- Are you perfectly alright with rechristening yourself as ‘mommy’ and listening to someone say your name on a loop, everytime, everywhere?

Q5- Are you comfortable using the washroom with the door open or with an audience?

Q6- Do you believe that cleanliness is overrated and love a good mess around the house?

Q7- Do you find it enjoyable to explain the meaning of a single word over and over again, without result?

Q8- Do you think you have a great aim and can get a spoonful inside the mouth of an ever-moving toddler?

Q9- Do you prefer interpreting gibberish instead of an adult conversation?

Q10- Do you believe that you can accomplish making round chapatis with one hand? Actually, can you do everything with just one hand?

Q11- Are you unfazed by weird and embarrassing questions and can answer them in front of others without turning red in the face?

Q12- Do you think you can watch Cartoon Network…only Cartoon Network for the next decade…without complaining?

Q13- Do you possess the ability to talk on the telephone, water the plants, fix a meal, take out the trash and read a book…while your dress is being tugged at or your hair being pulled?

Q14- Do you think you have made ample choices for yourself in your life and are willing to submit to the whims and fancies of a tiny being?

If your answer is ‘yes’ for all of these, there is no doubt you are ready to get on to the ‘mommy’ train. Happy parenting!!!

4 thoughts on “Take this test to know if you are ready to be a mother

  1. Its really true and fact, before kid we not know or may be not understand but after coming angel , everything is changed as per what mention above.

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