How to tackle 5 common health problems when travelling with kids


I keep saying this- I love travelling with my kid and you should too. Of course, it is not as easy as travelling alone but if you remember the simple tips on eating right during travel and stay equipped to handle the following common health problems you may face in your child, you can ace travelling with kids!!

Here are the 5 common health problems you need to keep a look out for:

  1. Upset stomach-Loose stools are quite common during travel and are serious vacation spoilers. When accompanied with nausea and vomiting, they can be all the more agonising. To treat an upset stomach, ensure good hydration of your child. Always carry packets of ORS(Oral Rehydration Solution) powder while travelling. Do not administer any antibiotics on your own. Just ensure a good fluid intake and when the child is able to keep food down, start feeding yoghurt and khichdi. To avoid the problem, be very careful of drinking water and avoid eating or drinking from roadside vendors.
  2. Dehydration- It can occur due to loosies or due to the seemingly simple fact that we tend to drink less while travelling. This seemingly innocent habit can cause dehydration in hot summer months. Make your child take sips of water at regular intervals. Prefer water over sweetened juices or carbonated drinks. If you think your child is not wetting the usual number of diapers or the urine smells foul and looks dark yellow in colour, encourage fluid intake to treat dehydration.
  3. Common cold- Sudden changes of temperature of the destination and the point of origin and finicky eating habits during travel can make children vulnerable to colds and coughs. Carry simple saline nasal spray to clear up a clogged nose. Ensure proper and weather-appropriate clothing on your child and try turning the air conditioning down a little while before stopping the car and stepping out into the heat.
  4. Insect bites– They are a big bummer. Mosquitoes not only cause itchy welts but may cause many diseases like Dengue, Malaria or Chikangunya. Bed bugs and other insects have immense nuisance value as well. The itchy bites can be avoided with the use of insect repellent sprays and creams applied on children’s skin and making them wear long sleeved garments. Calamine lotion helps soothe the irritated skin after an insect bite.
  5. Sunburn– If beaches are your thing, do not forget to stock up on sunscreen for your child as a child’s skin is much more sensitive and prone to sunburn than an adult’s. If your child is less than six months of age, cover her completely and shade her face and head with a wide brimmed hat. If sunburned, cool down the skin and apply calamine or aloe vera gel to soothe the area.

          I know reading about these problems may sound unnerving but being aware is half the battle won. Just remember the aforementioned tips and ace it like a pro!!


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