You know you are a mom when… 10 Hilarious signs of being a Mom.


Parenting is a different world. The moment you become a member of the ‘Mom Club’, you are officially out of the all-night partying, dancing-till-you-drop, figure-hugging dress club. Not that your friends shun you but you become so obsessed with your baby that either you bore them to death with conversations about the colour of your baby’s poo or you hardly get time to socialise and long only for sleep whenever you get any time. Either way, you will see yourself more interested in having discussions with fellow members of the Mom Club, even if it means chatting with the irritating woman next door (she’s handling three kids and after you had one, she became a superwoman in your opinion).

You may kid yourself and say that you are still the same as you were before you had a baby but you know that you are not. There are 10 very distinctive yet hilarious signs of being a mom. I know you won’t be able to deny them.

You know you are a Mom when:

1. You become incapable of having a conversation with anyone for more than 30 seconds without mentioning your baby or her recent antics and achievements.

2. You find sleep more satisfying than sex.

3. You know the names of all the friends of Chhota Bheem and Nobita but have difficulty remembering those of your acquaintances.

4. Your handbag looks more like Doraemon’s pouch and contains everything from your lipstick to your baby’s diapers and feeding bottle.

5. You call your shit ‘popo’ and your pee ‘susu’ in front of other adults who eye you with suspicion.

6. You witness the different stages of a nail polish chipping off your nails over a period of three weeks before you get the time to change it.

7. You suffer from auditory hallucinations every time you are more than 50 metres away from your baby and your adrenaline pumps up whenever any baby shouts ‘Mumma’.

8. You realise most chores can be accomplished with the use of a single hand.

9. You don’t find anything gross anymore, even vomit and smelly poops.

10. You experience exhilaration and are so excited that you don’t know what to do when your baby goes to sleep early one night.

Nodding your head, aren’t you? Do tell me what others signs you feel identify a mom.

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