Be the fire! A poem for my daughter


03181386b-000cd40c673d4832When everything’s falling apart

and nothing seems alright.

When the world is all dark

and endless seems the night.

Be the fire

Burn bright!

Light up your own way and walk proud

Be your own saviour, your own knight!


When the stares are cold

and you find no warm embrace

When everyone gets judgmental

and your faith in humanity sways

Be the fire

Burn bright!

Warm up your heart, thaw the freeze

Don’t give up, it is just a phase!


When the stereotypes and societal norms

Creep up and bind you down

When you feel the pressure to fit in

and suffocate, fear you may drown

Be the fire

Burn bright!

Burn away the ties that keep you bound

Be yourself, you need no crown!

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