A traveller’s unrest





I have just entered the house after 7 days of travel to 3 cities. Instead of being tired or glad to have come home, I am itching to go again! The travel bug has bitten me bad. There is so much I have here to do, so many new assignments to handle but I could just give it all away to be in the road.

Unlike many other travellers, I don’t have bucket lists of countries and places to see. I just love travelling! It is the journey that excites me way more than the destinations. Out of all the modes of travel, I love road travel. The joy of driving down roads, known and unknown, makes me feel like just like the car I am driving, this part of my life has handed me the steering wheel and I can turn wherever I want. Driving is cathartic for me. Concentrating on the road makes me forget the little worries that pollute my mind and I feel a sense of calm. People say it is stressful and tiring to drive; I could not disagree more. Driving your car on busy city roads is not driving; it is simply reaching place B from place A. It is the highway that allures.

I travelled around 1200 kms, from Amritsar to Indore once, my husband and I alternating as drivers. It was a new route and a long one as well but the fun of that journey was uncomparable. So we upped the ante and drove down from Amritsar to Mumbai next, a staggering 1700 kms. It is not about the sense of achievement that you get when you reach the destination but the adventure of the journey with its expected and unexpected turn of events, watching life stand by the sides of the roads while you whizz past it and the feeling of freedom, being unbound is what drives me.

As I end the journey and unpack my bags today, I long to pack them again! Till the next time…

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