5 travel quotes that will make you pack your bags

It might be an old one but is so true! There is more to learn during your travels and journeys around the world than in any book. Go out and explore!



When you move out of the comforts and the troubles of your circle and travel to new places, you realise that neither is your success too big nor is your sorrow too huge. It dawns upon you that you are just a speck in this cosmos.



When life gets overwhelming, the best way to gain perspective is by packing your bags and leaving for a little while. Travelling alone is the best gift you can give yourself at such a time!



Many people don’t travel out of apprehension, of the journey, of going to a new place, meeting new place and feeling out of place. Travel is not something you learn through your genes or books. The only way to become a traveller is by travelling. You will make both good and bad, sweet and sour memories, but you will make memories nonetheless.



So get out and go! What are you waiting for!!

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