5 things you must remember when planning travel with kids!!


ba1fv1476465344I say this often and I say this again- having a child does not mean you need to shut the door and bundle yourself at home till you feel your  child is old enough to travel! Many parents find it overwhelming to travel with kids and want to avoid it altogether. I agree that after becoming a parent, it is no longer possible to just throw your clothes in a rucksack and venture out anywhere your heart desires but with a bit of careful planning and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can not only make travel enjoyable for your kid but also earn yourself an awesome travel buddy in your child.

Here are a few helpful tips for planning travel with kids:

  1. Plan trips with your child in mind

The most important thing is ‘PLAN A TRIP!’ Do not postpone and wait till your child reaches a manageable age. Just ensure while selecting the destination that it has places that may interest a child your kid’s age. If yes, thumbs up! Nowadays, you can google and search for child-friendly hotels and resorts that help you spend some quality time with each other as a couple or just some ‘me’ time if you are a single parent. Look for them, check out the reviews and book them.

  1. Share the excitement

Share the news of the upcoming trip with your child and let her know all the fun activities that await her. Even if she does not understand what the trip is all about, she will anticipate travel as a fun thing when she sees you all excited about it. Don’t stress about it in front of her.

  1. Anticipate the crisis

Most of the trips are hampered by upset tummies and flus. Take all necessary precautions when you are travelling with your child. Use bottled mineral water and make sure she remains hydrated enough. Stay away from roadside food stalls and choose fruits (cut them yourself) and probiotics like yoghurt instead. Do remember to consult your child’s paediatrician and prepare a medicine box to carry along containing basic medicines, just in case.

  1. Carry the favourites

Some children feel uncomfortable in new places, away from the familiar comfort of their homes. To help the child get a sense of familiarity, carry along your child’s favourite toy and her favourite blanket. These things will relax and soothe the child. If the child settles down to sleep at a new place, half your problems are solved.

  1. Be flexible!

Travelling with a child is not the same as travelling alone. Despite the best of your efforts, things may go wrong. Your child may fall ill or may have one of the dreaded bad-mood spells. As a result, you may not be able to visit as many places as you wanted to. Do not fret over the loss of a day in your vacation or start regretting planning a trip in the first place. Celebrate the moments of fun you get together as a family…you are making lifelong memories!

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