10 quick tips to save money during travel

hqequ1477070685Have you been postponing travel to that destination you have always wanted to see to save up for the more ‘immediate’ needs? Do you feel travel is an unnecessary expenditure? If you can remember the following few simple yet smart tips, travel won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Tip #1- Research and plan ahead

Tickets are always cheaper when bought in advance, so try to plan ahead and book tickets in advance. Even international flights are cheaper when bought a couple of months before travel. Research well before you book any hotel or flight and look for the best deal. You will also discover that booking flights and hotels during the ‘off’ season and during the weekdays is cheaper.

Tip #2- Be flexible

As I just told you, hotels and flights are cheaper during certain periods. While searching for the best deals, try and be flexible in your dates and confirm bookings accordingly.

Tip #3- Buy local

Whenever you are travelling, try to buy largely from the local market and avoid big brands. One, local products are cheaper; two, they are authentic and unique to the place; three, you give a boost to the local economy when you do so.

Tip #4- Travel like a local

Travelling on local transport is a great way to save money. Not only do you get to see a city’s culture closer by doing so, you also get to interact with locals.

Tip #5- Don’t indulge in card-shopping

Try to use cash instead of your credit cards to shop. It will help you limit your shopping expenditure to the amount of cash you are carrying.

Tip #6- Bargain where you can

Many countries, like ours, have a custom of bargaining. Therefore, the shopkeepers may ask for more than the expected price. Gather information regarding the practise prevalent in the city and try to negotiate your way.

Tip #7-Try homestays

A new concept of homestays is gaining popularity and is not only cheap but comfortable as well. By staying in the house of a local, you not only experience the culture of the place but also save some significant bucks.

Tip #8- Spend more time at fewer locations

Do not try to travel to too many destinations on one vacation. Transportation will be costly and you won’t be able to enjoy your stay if you keep shuttling too frequently.

Tip #9- Consult friends

If you have a friend who has recently been to the place, ask for tips and a list of dos and do nots about the place. It will help you plan your itinerary and save you money.

Tip #10- Travel light

Travel light so that you can walk short distances. Enjoy the beauty, take in the culture, meet the natives and save money on transport while you do so!!

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