Travel to beaches-my favourite theme for a dream!


You must have often heard the proverbial dialogue of Shahrukh Khan from the movie Om Shanti Om that implies that if you wish something hard enough, the whole world conspires to fulfill it. Very theatrical. I know but destiny does work in mysterious ways to help you reach your goals. I always loved traveling as a child and every summer vacation I spent at home made me dream of the places I could have seen. As I grew up, I kept hoping I meet a soulmate who shares with me my love for travel. As luck would have it (or as destiny conspired it to be), I ended up falling in love with and marrying an Army officer who hardly stays at one place thanks to his profession and to top it all, loves to travel!

That is when I stepped into the world of travel and understood what actually wanderlust feels like. I wanted to travel to see new places but soon realised that traveling is much more than that. For me, it feels like sitting in a time machine and traveling to different zones in space and time. Every place is like a new world, with its own unique culture, lifestyle, weather and topography. Exploring and experiencing new places enriches my soul and yet humbles me. The more I travel, the more I realise that the world is huge and I am just a speck in the cosmos. It saves me from attaching too much importance to my problems.

I have traveled to beaches, deserts, metropolitan cities, offbeat destinations, retreats, themed resorts and wildlife sanctuaries but out of them all, beaches hold a special place in my heart. There is just something about the wide expanse of water that I never seem to get enough of and makes me want to return again and again. My passion for beaches can be summed up in the following, I guess:

  • The ocean– The blue of the water and the sound of waves crashing on the shore combine together to offer tranquility like no other experience. Try staying the night in a beach shack and you will be mesmerised by the effect the sound of waves has on your inner peace and calm.


  • The sun– The sun and the water together feel like a celebration of life. They both complement and balance each other. It is not without reason that they say ‘You are one step closer to Heaven when you are at the beach’.
  • The shore– Walking along the shoreline while the water caresses your feet and then shies away is unparalleled. If you have your fingers intertwined into those of your loved one, it will be all you need!



  • The sand– Beaches bring out the child in me. It is so much fun to make prints in the sand and see them get washed away with the tide, build a sand castle and look for shells to decorate it with or just stare at the shadows on the sand.



  • The fun– Beaches not only offer tranquility and calm but also a lot of fun if you plan going to one with a group of your besties and attend beach parties. Letting your hair down at the beach, both literally and figuratively, is absolute fun. If ever in the mood of some adventure, there is a wide option of activities like coral-walk,snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding and other water sports to be indulged in.

For me, beaches are a complete package in themselves. Whether it is fun, quietude or adventure you are looking for, you will find it at a beach, in the enigmatic water or on its shores. Here I am, dreaming of my next vacation at a beach….hope it is soon!


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