Engaging kids in summer- Flintobox is the answer!

Summers are here and schools are going to be off soon for the summer vacations. As always, the question that looms large at this time,in the parents’ minds is- How to keep the kids busy in vacations? 
No one wants children to remain glued to the idiot box or play games on their mobiles. Older children can still remain occupied with good books to read but it is extremely difficult to engage those below 8 years of age. You can’t even let them go out to play before evenings due to the scorching heat. An indoor game that engages children and also teaches them while playing would be too good to be true, right! Well, there is one that does all that-Flintobox!

Flintobox creates subscription activity kits for children between 2 and 8
Benefits of getting a Flintobox

It is a known fact that 90% of brain development happens by the age of six. Early experiences
and positive interactions during the age of 2-8 years determine the overall
development of children for years to come. Based on this premise of Early Child
Development, Flintobox helps in making these years count with fun learning play
tools! The boxes are packed with creative play activities to teach kids
concepts over a period of time. Flintobox feeds a child’s curious mind and
fosters independent growth through explorative puzzles and games. The products
are designed by game designers, montessori and pedagogy experts and child
psychologists. Crafted with kid-friendly materials, the box is shipped all
across India with COD available in certain areas. 
Colour Carnival

Flintobox recently launched
‘Colour Carnival’ – an activity kit exclusively for toddlers. Colour Carnival
box has been curated to introduce children between 2 and 3 years to the concept
of colours and patterns in a unique and interactive manner. The discovery box,
loaded with 6 play activities – including a storybook, is designed to keep
toddlers busy and mentally active all through the summer holidays.
With Colour Carnival, kids receive creative
hands-on engagement with activities that help in overall skill and habit
development while simultaneously getting introduced to different shapes and
colours. From geometric patterns and colourful shapes, the box contains
intriguing puzzles and riveting games along with experiential fine-motor
activities. The activities are designed to cover 12 developmental areas
including coordination, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration,
language, and social skills through fun means. This way, the child is wholly
involved and ends up staying away from TV or excessive screen time! In
addition, the activities also serve as a great way to spend quality time
indoors with the family. Perfect for the Summer!

has released 2 new themes for the month of April for the age groups 3 to 4 (Jr.
Colour Scientist) and 4 to 8 (Wildlife Safari). I will be ordering the Wildlife Safari one for my 6-year old.
Limited number of boxes are
produced every month, so if you are planning to get one for your child, do it right away!
Watch this video if you are still in doubt:

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